Association for Environment Conscious Building

As a forward thinking, progressive practice, CTD Architects are committed to improving practice knowledge in energy efficient design and sustainable architecture.

As part of this development, the practice are now members of The AECB (The Association for Envrionment Concious Building).

Architect Director at ctd architects, Patrick Redmond attended its Annual Conference in July at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich.

It was a fascinating conference and the venue provided plenty of inspiration for Patrick in the award winning conference venue building, ADAPT Low Carbon Enterprise Centre at UEA. Of particular interest were site visits to Fran Bradshaw’s state of the art low-energy, straw-bale and thatch house designed by Anne Thorne Architects and an exemplar residential development of 14 Passivhaus homes at Carrowbreck Meadow in Drayton, Norfolk, designed by Hamson Barron Smith.

1572 - Leek co-housing Concept Design Layout Plan for web
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CTD Architects are currently engaged by Leek Co-Housing Ltd and are together exploring ways of creating the areas first self-build and ecologically sustainable housing development on a two and half acre site just on the edge of Leek Town Centre. Leek Co-housing group wish to build up to 25 straw-bale insulated and timber framed houses for themselves and create a community common house with shared garden areas and allotments to grow their own food.

They will be looking at creating a small-scale district heating scheme with bio fuel and photo-electric renewable energy generation on site. In keeping with all Co-housing schemes it will minimise its footprint on the earth’s environment in ways like no other housing development in the area does at present.

The self-build group are members of the UK Co-housing Network and will follow a set of principles and priorities for living collectively in a caring non-hierarchical way which first developed in Scandinavian housing communities and is now being positively encouraged in the UK.

CTD Architects aim to become certified Passivhaus designers in the next 12 months and in the meantime we will be arranging a number of targeted learning sessions on the subject for all our design architects and technical staff.

We encourage interested private clients, home builders and developers to follow our journey and share our experience in becoming more experienced, environmentally active and socially responsive architects and technologists.