ctd architects hope veterinary surgery building work starts

Building Work Starts on New Veterinary Surgery

ctd architects hope veterinary surgery building work starts
Celebrating the cutting of the first sod for the building of a new veterinary practice in Sherbourne Close Blurton are front, chief vet Deborah Wagg, MP Robert Flello and seen looking on are representatives of contractor Sandicroft Construction from left, Karl Greatrex, David Perkin (ctd architects), Steve Furnival, Richard Whalley and Rob McClew (image Stoke Sentinel)

Building work has started on a new £1.3 million veterinary surgery on the site of an old workingmen’s club. Hope Veterinary Surgery is hoping to move into its new practice next February after outgrowing its current Trentham Lakes base.

ctd architects appointed

ctd architects, appointed architects for the project in association with Sandycroft construction, have responsibility for the design, achieving planning approval and construction stages of the project.

It is being built on the site of the former Old Mill Working Men’s Club, in Newstead, which was bulldozed in 2012.

New jobs are expected to be created once the move to Sherborne Close has been completed. Veterinary surgeon and founder Deborah Wragg started the practice in 2009 and has seven vets on her books.

The 49-year-old said: “We have outgrown our current premises and are looking to move. This is a site which a lot of people know and know very well. Residents have said that having a new building there will decrease vandalism in the area.

“It will cost around £1.3 million to build and I am very excited, although at the same time quite anxious, because it is a very big move. The bank loan is very daunting, but very exciting, in equal measure.

“We’ve had some very faithful staff who have worked very hard over the last few years who have made this possible as well as our very supportive clients.”

The new surgery building will be twice the size of the current centre and come with its own car park.

Deborah added: “We haven’t been able to take on any new clients for the past 18 months because we physically cannot but in due course we’ll look to take some more on. Clients can expect a bigger premises which is easier to get to. We’ll have the space to work more effectively and we will have better facilities.”

Fellow veterinary surgeon Clare Tucker is ‘really excited’ by the move.

The 30-year-old said: “It’s nice to have seen everything grow. I’ve been with Deborah ever since I qualified seven years ago. It was just the two of us then so we’ve definitely outgrown the place.

“The move is well deserved. It will be very nice to have a new building and to keep growing. It will be nice to take on some new clients eventually and meet new people as the books have been closed for a while.”

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